Thursday, March 17, 2005

My initial post: "Movie Premiere" by Sass Parilla

Wednesday, March 16th, 2005 Premiere of the film,
"The Adventures of Sass Parilla, the Singing Gorilla: Chapter 1-Mechasassparilla"
at the Star Bar in Atlanta, GA!
What an incredible night of entertainment! It looked like close to 200 of my best friends made it out to take in the show. A very special thanks to my good friends in "Lust", who performed with a brand new line-up and also to the band "Stranglepony", who played their last show together in their current line-up.
We tried to start at 10:00 sharp, but with a line still out the door we decided to wait a little longer. I had some words of thanks for Chuck Porterfield, our fearless writer/director/producer,
not to mention Amy Jackson and Blake Myers the producers who started working on this project sometime in early to mid 2004 and continue to do work feverishly to this day. Also words of thanks went out to the highly talented Robert Paraguassu who has done much of the editing at this stage, and was there for much of the shooting as well. Also thanks to "Team Awesome" for when you need your movie to look, sound, and seem awesome! Shane Morton was there, who plays the evil "Mechasassparilla" in the movie. It really confused me, because I could've sworn that Shane Morton was Sass Parilla. Having never seen him in the same place as myself before, I had my suspicions, but I guess the mystery continues....
About 10:20 we showed the movie. Much to everyone's delight, it proved enjoyable. There was tons of action in this one (no pun intended). (Just for the record, I did all of my own stunts, so it wasn't necessary to hire a stunt gorilla, as we had previously given thought to that option. But in the end, cooler heads prevailed as it was explained to me by the film crew that quite simply, I wasn't a big enough star to have my own stunt gorilla, so I should just suck it up and do the job, oh and by the way Sass, keep your mouth shut. At first I was almost insulted at the notion that I would have to keep my mouth shut because everyone told me to, but I was assured it was merely because nobody wanted me to bite my tongue while doing a stunt.) Anyway, we had a wonderful response to the movie. Many commented on how they wanted to see it again, and they wouldn't soon be disappointed.
After we showed the movie for the first time, I came out to play some songs. After all, it would be silly to have Sass Parilla on the bill and not playing music. I played three covers and an original song as well, not in that order necessarily, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. After my performance, Lust came out and played a set. Barb and Suzanne were super sexy and rocking hard just like always! I don't know if I mentioned, but I'm a huge fan of theirs.
We played the movie a second time afterward and the room laughed again. Judging by the audiences responses, I think the movie might be a comedy, but no one ever explained "that" to me. I really thought of myself as more of a dramatic actor who could really convey the "human side" of singing gorillas. Oh well.
Next Stranglepony hit the stage in what was to be their last performance together. Fronted by my movie sidekick Lambert, they put on a hell of a swan song performance, which appeared to have a trancendental effect on many in attendance and made folks hot for Lambert. Good for him! Maybe I'll take up smoking because it sure worked for him! Step one: sing with a lit cigarette in your mouth. Step two: score with a hot girl in the dressing room right after the set is over. Hmmmmm.......could be a lesson to be learned in here somewhere.
Anyway, we had people calling for us to play the movie again, so we did! All in all, it was a thoroughly fulfilling experience and I cant wait for the soon-to-be-released chapter 2, "Are We There Yeti?!?"! Thanks to the Star Bar once again for letting us put this show on!
It shouldn't be too long before we have a bevy of merchandise and a few websites up for your enjoyment. I will post on this and other sites my schedule of appearances as I'm booked, so stay tuned.....

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

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